TDNA - The Tango DNA






In Tango Argentino I have been focussing on communication and interaction between dance partners. Steps and figures are a consequence of how we present ourselves and not how well we manipulate our partner.








Our music relies heavily on releases of the Golden Age and neighbouring decades without being a mere hit parade. Smooth long waves of energy rather than simple build & break patterns throw a stylish third dance partner into the mix.







Before Tango I ventured into Breakdance, Salsa, and Ballroom.

Tango Argentino constantly forces me to get in touch and deal with myself and extend my own limits in order to improve. Deconstructed micro elements form the building blocks of a personal reduced and pleasant way of dancing.






The name TDNA refers to the meeting of Tango with human DNA. It aims at helping each student to find their individual access to and interpretation of the dance.

At the same time TDNA hints at the various developments, evolutions, and crossovers of dance and music that coexist next to originals or classics deeply rooted in traditions, culture, and heritage.